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Industries We Advise

Offering a range of interim or outsourced business development services that create value and positively impact the bottom line.

Even though we can work with any type of company, below are the categories of industries which we specialize within:

Packaging / Processing

Metal Packaging / Cans

Food & Beverage Mfg.

Pharma & Nutra Mfg.

Industrial Parts & Assemblies

CPG Consumer Products

Pallet Level Packaging 

  • Supplier Selection Support

  • Machine Vision of QA Inspection for Product, Primary & Secondary Package

  • Marking & Coding ;  Inkjet Printers &  Laser Marking

  • Labelers: Primary Product, Case, and Pallet Labels

  • Case Packing, Erecting, Sealing, & Palletizing

  • Container Filling & Closures

  • Production Line Controls

  • Product Metal Detection, X-Ray, Check Weighing

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Industrial Automation 
Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy
Material Handling


CNC Machine Tools & Robotics

Fabrication Machinery

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

Warehousing Management

Supply Chain Advisory 

  • Supplier Selection Support

  • CNC / Fab OEM & Distribution Advisory

  • Fabrication Equipment Advisory

  • 3D Printing OEM Sales Strategy

  • Laser / Pin Stamp Marking & Coding : Traceability for Automotive & Aerospace

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy

  • Logistics Partner Strategy & Selection

  • Warehouse Management Technology Selection & Deployment

  • COGS Value Targeting

  • Operational Excellence, Best Practices in Logistics and Supply Chain

 Serving Family Office / Private Equity / Venture Capital / ESOP  Cybersecurity - Information Mgmt


Assistance w Equipment Capabilities

Manufacturing Knowledge Assistance

Protection of Digital Assets

  • Equipment & Manufacturing Processes Due Diligence Advisory 

  • Competitive Analysis of Target Companies Sector

  • M&A Alignment Advisory 

  • Single Investor Covert Advisory

  • Assistance with Parallel Industry Understanding

  • Industry Introductions / Networking

  • Supplier Selection for Automation & Packaging Types / Packaging Supplies

  • Unique Issues w ESOP's, Employee Stock Ownership Programs

  • IT Consulting & Management

  • Protection of Digital Assets

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