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With decades of history working for and with North American, South American, & EMEA corporations, Tier One Advisory can provide a balanced understanding of industry trends, topics, common & best practices, as well as a real-life perspective of the related and supporting information which may benefit your corporate initiative.  We can also provided "fractional" experience executives embedded into your organization for project, short, or long term to drive shareholder value and growth.


100% of the Leadership Talent, at a Fraction of the Payroll Cost!

What We Do:

  • Fractional Executive Level Sales, Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics Leadership without the fulltime investment.

  • Sales Strategy Development within a Geographic Territory and/or Business Sector for your products / services

  • Sales Channel Partner development for International OEM's and Suppliers into The Americas or EMEA

  • Detailed examination of companies manufacturing capabilities in specifying automation machinery for production lines

  • Along with Public & Private organizations, T1A provides SME knowledge to help Family Office / Venture Capital / Private Equity firms establish equipment/automation due diligence of manufacturing/industrial applications which they are looking to invest in

  • In Warehousing & Supply Chain: We can provide filling interim executive roles, analyzing and answering critical executive questions, designing distribution networks, building and expanding warehouses, defining product flows, optimizing transportation spend and sharpen inventory management through improved process and advanced technologies

  • Network Cybersecurity Advisory and Services;  Help growing businesses maximize their use of technology and protect their digital assets to ensure that seemingly small things, don’t create huge vulnerabilities, that ultimately end up costing them millions in both capital and reputation

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David A. Deagle
Principal / Founder

David is a respected leader in the Automation & Packaging industries with over 25 years of real-world business management experience for Public, Private, & ESOP organizations with primary focuses in Sales Strategy & Execution, Sales & Service Channel Development, Direct Sales Teams, Aftermarket Revenue-Generating Strategies, and Vendor Selection in Packaging & Industrial Automation, Product Traceability (coding), Machine Vision, Metal Packaging, Laser Mfg. Applications, CNC Machine Tools, Manufacturing Equipment, Material Handling, Robotics, and Product Development sectors.


Experiences in Managing, Developing, and Supporting Sales Teams at National & Regional levels, building High-Performance Management teams, as well as leading sophisticated Distribution Channel organizations. Skilled at establishing sensible business practices within culturally diverse environments, executing multi-faceted industrial product / services campaigns to improve Awareness, Market Share, & Revenue. Working with and supporting Joint Venture, Family Office, Private Equity, Venture Capitalists, Strategic Partnerships, Vendor Acquisition & MNC growth/knowledge strategies within many business sectors.

Current or Former Member of:

  • Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP)

  • Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI)

  • Food Can Alliance 

  • Int'l Metal Decorators and Packaging Association (IMDPA)

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

  • Southeast Food Processors Association (SFPA)

  • Midwest Food Processors Association (MWFPA)

  • California League of Food Processors (CLFP)

  • Ohio Ready Mix Concrete Association (Ohio Concrete)

International Network of Strategic Advisors

Tier One Advisory LLC, with a network and ally team of industry Subject Matter Expert's across multiple industries can provide experienced-based communication to help you in a variety of specific sector details you need assistance with.  

Category & Team Members include:

  • David Deagle — OEM & Sales Channel strategies and competitive awareness in Packaging Automation, Metal Packaging (cans/bottles), QA Machine Vision, Packaging Materials/Containers, Marking / Coding / Labeling, Laser Applications for Marking, Cutting, and Processing, Distribution, Lift Trucks, Market Research & Costing Analysis Advisory.
    [ Learn More ]

  •  MSc. Domingo R. González - Metal Packaging Specialist - SME Aluminum DWI Cans and Bottles - Two Piece Can and Bottle Making Process Improvement Specialist      Learn More ]

  • Jerry Rex, CMTSE — OEM & Sales Channel Strategies in CNC Machine Tools, Additive Manufacturing, Metrology, Tooling, Fabrication Equipment, Industrial Manufacturing Coaching & Market Research
    [ Learn More ]

  • Dave Dubose — Logistics, Warehousing, & Supply Chain SME
    [ Learn More ]

  • A-Jay Orr PMP — CyberSecurity & Information Management SME
    [ Learn More ]

  • Michael Blogna - Executive Recruiting, NIL Name, Image, & Likeness Mangement

  • Herwig Lutz -  European Automation, Metal & Corrugated Packaging Technique Strategist in Stuttgart, GERMANY

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